Inski XC Nordic Skiing Trainer


Inski XC Trainer is an affordable XC training machine for home use that allows you to easily get started with your training well before the XC skiing season. Inski XC Trainer is the perfect training tool for the exerciser or enthusiast who wants to excercise indoors. Inski XC Trainer does not require much space or a fixed installation, only a door frame is needed to be able to quickly get started with your training. The machine gives you the opportunity to train without snow and with less time, so you can get started with your training before, for example, Vasaloppet straight away.

Inski XC Trainer is adapted for a door frame that is 61-81 cm wide and 12 cm-16 cm deep

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An at home XC trainer

Inski XC Trainer is the perfect XC training machine if you want to practice XC skiing at home. Now the preparations for winter or your next race can finally be independent of weather and season. Inski XC Trainer is a XC training machine that is made for home use and does not take up much space during use or storage. If your opportunities for cross-country skiing are limited, this machine is the most practical and affordable option offered today. You never have to feel stressed about not getting enough training time on snow again.

Inski XC Trainer is a new, unique, type of XC training machine that differs in that it is mounted in the same way as a standard door gym without any fixed installation. All that is needed is a door frame. The XC Trainer also uses a number of smart functions such as separate rollers, which enables both regular and diagonal pulls, as well as a magnetic brake, which makes the machine very quiet. You can easily entertain yourself with a movie or music during a longer session.

Start your season regardless of the weather or queues at the gym

Due to increasingly poor snow conditions in many places, many skiers today find themselves in a situation where they do not have time to train enough before, for example, Vasaloppet, or other big races. This can lead to injuries and suboptimal results.
The few XC training machines sometimes available at the gym are often busy and the ones you can buy for the home are often too big or too expensive. With Inski XC Trainer, you overcome all these problems and you can set up your training plan yourself so that you have the strength required to complete your cross-country race with great results.

Installation and setup of Inski XC Trainer is so easy

The Inski XC Trainer is attached to a pull-up bar and then attached to a door frame. The machine is mechanical in its entirety and the resistance is set by moving the magnetic break up and down. Note that your door frame should be 61-81 cm wide and 12 cm-16 cm deep. The highest position (the beginning of the pull) is at the height of the upper frame of the door.

Produced by skiers

Inski XC Trainer is a XC training machine that has been developed and patented by skiers in constant search of training development. Read more

Tested by skiers

The XC trainning machine has been tested both by Lä and by Erik Wickström (paid collaboration) both with very positive statements.

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